domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

"Building a Europe that cares for companion animals"

The welfare of dogs and cats in the EU - "Building a Europe that cares for companion animals"
The rise in the lucrative trade of cats and dogs has brought problems of its own: genetic selection, puppy farming, mutilation and inhumane disposal have far reaching consequences but to date there is no harmonised EU legislation to address the welfare concerns.
This first European conference seeks to provide stakeholders - government authorities, NGOs and those with a professional or personal interest - with an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the practical considerations that relate to companion animal welfare and to tackle the issues.
Amongst the many distinguished speakers, Prince Laurent of Belgium will be in attendance to present an opening address. The Prince has for many years maintained a keen interest in animal welfare and was instrumental in establishing a foundation that provides free veterinary care to pets belonging to people in difficult social situations.
Participation is free of charge and interpretation into English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian and Spanish will be provided.

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